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Ed Talk with Dr. Bob Bravo

Oct 6, 2015

From teaching concentration and respect to endurance and strategy, chess brings many proven benefits besides the simply joy of checkmating an opponent. Today’s episode of Ed Talk with Dr. Bob Bravo focuses on the game that first appeared around A.D. 600. In the podcast episode, Dr. Robert Bravo, Dallas ISD Chief of School Leadership, talks with Irasema Coy, a fourth-grade teacher at Runyon Elementary who led the school’s chess club, and a parent liaison at Runyon who helped with the club. The conversation touches on the benefits of starting a chess club at a Dallas ISD school and how chess is much more than a game. Bravo recommends any Dallas ISD teachers interested in starting a chess club, or a teacher who already has started a chess club, to contact him at to help build a districtwide chess network.